سپورٹس ویلی بلیو ورلڈ سٹی اسلام آباد


بہت بڑا ڈسکاؤنٹ لمیٹڈ ٹائم کے لیے ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔5 مرلہ 22 لاکھ کا پلاٹ 18لاکھ میں

۔۔۔۔۔پہلے آئیں ۔۔۔پہلے پائیں ۔۔۔

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Blue World City Sports Valley Block: 

Sports Valley is the latest addition to Blue World City’s societal expansion. Blue World City is the largest designed and purposefully built tourist housing community in the world, and Sports Valley is an additional gem that makes up the most advanced square of Blue World City. City. The Sports Valley aims to be the most luxurious and interesting part of society. Cricket stadiums, Villagio shopping centers, and Qatar’s Torch Tower will be replicas built within the Sports Valley similar to the Burj Al Arab Dubai. This is because they have been successfully built within society. A major purpose of the Sports Valley is to advance tourism and provide a sound way of life for people who require a solid way of life close to home. Aside from the sports stadiums, the Sports Valley also offers commercial and private plots to its residents.

In addition, society is providing its citizens with a world-class way of living with the best choices we have ever seen. The Pakistani citizen living locally and all-inclusive can appreciate civilities while living within the blend of legacy and world-class design within a modern world.